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Obviously not every member can be elected to the Executive Board, the steward body or the bargaining committee. Yet every member can still play a very productive role in the local union by working on a standing committee. Standing committees are an excellent way for the membership to forge links with progressive organizations in the larger community.

Bargaining Committee
Bargaining Chairperson - Dave Smith
Members: President - Tim Lambert, Frame Plant Chairperson - Graham Taylor, Skilled Trade Chairperson - Jeff Hildebrant, Office Unit Chairperson - Diane Pleau, Bargaining Committeepersons Ron Burns.
Contact the committee:
For any concerns contact the union hall @ 905 227 1512

E.A.P./E.F.A.P.(Employee Familly Assistance Program) Committee
Chairperson - Hugh MacDonald
Members: Frame Plant - Dave Smith, Dennis Talbot, Scott Daniels, Diane Kamphuis, Teresa Sullivan, John Lynch. Drivetrain - Graham Taylor and Larry Bond.

Early and Safe Return to Work Committee
Co-ordinators - Richard Jackson D.T. and F.P.
Members: Pat Demontigny, Richard Jackson, Rick Marshal
Contact the committee:
Richard Jackson

Election Committee
Chairperson - Jamie Burke
Members: Jamie Burke, Ken Gordon, Rick Denis
Contact the committee:
You can reach the election committee @ the hall 905 227 1512

Recreation Committee
Chairperson - Ron Burns
Members: Brian Burns Jamie Hodges Brian Burns
Contact the committee:
See Ron Jamie or Brian.We post all events on the plant boards, and will be posting events on this web site.

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