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Bombardier deHavilland Aerospace
Gus Goncalves
Tel: 416.375.3990
E-mail: gus.goncalves@aero.bombardier.com

Green Shield
Mary Ellen McIlmoyle
Tel: 416.500.7715
E-mail: maryellenmcilmoyle@rogers.com

Macdonald-Dettwiler Robotics
Tom Bunting ext:#4189
Tel: 905.790.2800
E-mail: tom.bunting@mdacorporation.com

SPAR Aerospace L3
Henny Duquette
Tel: 905.671.5719
E-mail: henny.duquette@l-3com.com

Totomont Cat
Chairperson Toromont Unit
Lisa Alves
We're a group of 9 lab technicians who work in the Toromont Cat Fluid Analysis Lab located in the Reman Division.

We process approx. 550 oil and coolant samples per day and strive to maintain a high level of quality and a 24 hour turnaround time for our customers. We work with heavy machinery compartment oils and coolant. We receive samples for all of Eastern and Central Canada.

We have a mix of lab technicians who work within the lab aiding in the physical processing of samples and also lab technicians who aid in the registration and interpretation processes.

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