CAW Local 4268
CAW Local 4268
Welcome to Unifor Local 4268
Welcome to the web site of Unifor Local 4268 which represents transportation workers mainly in the province of Ontario.
CAW Local 4268
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Unions bring a measure of democracy to the workplace, which is so central to peoples' lives. Unions act as partial counterweight to corporate power and the corporate agenda in society more generally. We believe that a Democratic Union is best expressed in a sovereign union headquatered in Canada. Our Union's history reflects the struggle for a sovereign labour movement in Canada.

The organizing of workers in this amalgamated local union has been formed because we could not depend on employers to provide us with dignity, a measure of security and a rising standard of living. Through our combined strength, experience and wisdom, it is our goal that the quality of our working and living conditions will steadily improve. Our deeds and our words shall be guided by the historical truth that freedoms are never granted, they are won. Justice is never given, it is exacted.

We represent workers in all sectors of transportation. We have long haul drivers along with local city drivers, School Bus drivers as well as charter drivers, courier, LTL and expedite freight drivers, dock workers and mechanics.We have members who are Owner-Operators as well as Company drivers. Commercial and residential waste and recycling/sorters.

We are looking forward to communicating with you, the membership, using this new format and we'd appreciate your comments. We will try to keep the web site as up to date as possible and hope you will visit it at least once a week to keep yourself informed about what is happening in your local union. We invite all members to follow this site for updates on local negotiations and struggles within the industry and issues that affect your bargaining unit.