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We represent workers in 15 different workplaces. Each workplace is called a unit within CAW Local 40. We have organized units ranging from manufacturing, textile/garment, hospitality, auto service, protection services, office, to health care.

Access Apartments
Unit Chairperson
Debra Bruce
Access Apartments for the physically disabled is a non-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Health, that provides services to assist the physically disabled adult, living independently in their community. Access Aparments opened on February 27th 1989.

Access Apartments has an Outreach Program and two other locations that operate 24 hours/day.

Art Gallery of Ontario
Unit Chairperson
Nick Skibinsky
Tel: 647.519.2001
Email: cawlocal40ago@gmail.com
The AGO located at 317 Dundas St. W.in Toronto has been around since the 1900's. First named the Art Gallery of Toronto then later changed to itís present name.The AGO holds art work from almost 1,000 years ago, to
contemporary work from todayís artists. In 2008 the Gallery reopened after extensive renovations by famed architect Frank Gehry.

The union membership work in the gallery spaces and are part of the Protection Services Department. Protection Service Officers (PSO's) are made up of both men and women. The gallery is on a 24hrs a day, 7 days/week operation. Membership is made of up both full-time and part-time employees.

Bond Place Hotel
Unit Chairperson
Deborah Reynolds
The Bond Place Hotel is a tourist hotel located in the heart of downtown Toronto, next to the Toronto Eaton Center

We represent both full-time and part-time employees in all the different departments, such as in housekeeping, bartending, kitchen, bellperson, service and on the front desk.

Canadian Paraplegic Association (CPA) Ontario
Unit Chairperson
Barb Ewan

Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT)
Unit Chairperson
Mary Ann Hannant
CHFT works to promote and develop non-profit co-operative housing in Toronto and York Region. A member-funded organization, CHFT provides education, information, advice and services to more than 45,000 people living in 165 housing co-operatives.

The biggest challenges facing us are external. When the Tory government was elected in 1995, all construction of co-ops were halted. That resulted in the closing of our development division and several people were laid off.

Last year, nearly half of our member co-ops were downloaded from the provincial government to the municipality. Much of our time is spent helping these co-ops cope with the funding cuts and regulation changes that have been imposed on them.

We are a small workplace and we maintain a good relationship between the bargaining unit and the management and our bargianing sessions have been productive.

Culture Link
Unit Chairperson
Ajith Aluthwatta
Tel: 647.296.0945

Downtown Toyota
Unit Chairperson
Anand Singh

Engineered Foam Products Inc.
Unit Chairperson
Christina Barcelos

McGregor Hosiery Mills Ltd.
Unit Chairperson
Maria Vittoria

Nucleus Independent Living
Unit Chairperson
Tony Sewel
Nucleus is a non-profit Supportive Housing that provides round the clock assistance to physically disabled adults living independently in the community.At present, we have over 60 dedicated members consisting of both full and part timers servicing two locations within the GTA.

Ontario March of Dimes
Unit Chairpersons
Patricia Lyne (Manel location)
Ronaldo Abat (McCaul location)
Craig Marshall (Bloor Street location)

PACE Independent Living
Unit Chairperson
Julie Rampersad
Pace independent living a non-profit organization that provides services to people with physical and development disabilities. These projects are housed at the throughout the City of Toronto, in various apartment buildings.

Members consist of full time, part time and relief employees.

In 1999 the employer and the union could not reach a settlement during contract negotiations and thus the members were out on strike. It was difficult for both the the consumers and the members but we were able to reach a settlement with the employer after being out for one week.

Tobias House
Unit Chairperson
Murray Weber
Tobias Inc. was established out of Tobias House of Toronto caring for people in the spirit of St. Francis Inc. Tobias Inc. is named to commemorate the convert Francis Friar Tobias Klein.

Tobias House members had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. We faced some difficult times. One year ago the frontline workers organized with CAW Local 40 and due to the incredible dedication Tobias workers are well on our to challenge those difficulties.

The unique relationship between workers and consumers provides great job satisfaction and a real sense of community. The Tobias House Resource Center which is in itís 3rd year provides support services in the city of Toronto as well as an extensive volunteer program.

We represent workers across the City of Toronto in four different locations.

Yorkdale Lincoln Ford
Unit Chairperson
Dave Boldt

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