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  Our local union has thirteen committees. Each committee is listed below, including the names of all committee members.

Chairperson, Dewayne Boone
Members: Bob English, Ken Bertin,

Community Service
Leo Lanteigne
Members: Kevin Blaney

Donations Committee
Chairperson, Jeff Firlotte
Members: Ted Dempsey, Dewayne Boone

Chairperson, Ken Bertin
Members: Mark Carrier, Art Burns

Steve Gagnon
Members: Ricky Morgan, Sean Doherty

Chairperson, Marc Roussel
Members: Joe McCutcheon

Human Rights & Political Education
Kevin Blaney
Members: Kevin Blaney

Joint Health & Safety Committee
Co-Chairperson, Rocco MacFarlane
Members: Mark Rousell, Dave Burke, Laura Hunter

Pension & Benefits
Chairperson, Steve Paget
Members: Chad Cervinz, Steve Manual

Erin MacDonald
Members: Laura Hunter

Union Hall Grounds/Maintenance
Leo Lanteigne
Members: Leo Lanteigne

Vacation Committee
Chairperson, Marcus Wallace
Members: Chad Cervinz, Leo Lanteigne

Women's Rights
Loretta Kent
Members: Laura Hunter

Last Updated: May 30, 2011 7:27:34 PM