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Unifor Local 2163 encourages the involvement of all our members in our Standing Committees. If you would like to become a part of a Committee of Unifor Local 2163, please contact the Local Union Office @ 519-425-9028, or go to the "Contact Us" link to send us an e-mail.

Canadian Council
Executive Liaison
Members: Dawn McChrystal ( Secord Trails Care Community) - Bill Perry (Autrans)

Executive Liaison
Members: John Mazur (Autrans)
Contact the committee:
This committee updates the Locals website and keeps the members informed of any upcoming events, news and activities through the website. Any requests to get your units activities on here should be directed through the Locals contact area.

Constitution and Bylaws
Executive Liaison
Members: John Mazur (Autrans) - Jason Messenger (Robinson Solutions) - Diane Mills (Robinson Solutions)
Contact the committee:
This committee ensures that the By-laws are upheld at all times and that they conform to the Unifor National Constitution.

Convention & Ontario Regional Council
Executive Liaison
Members: Branden Brouwer (Nifast) - Eric Vyse (Domclean) - Bill Perry (Autrans)

Education Committee
Executive Liaison
Members: pending
Contact the committee:
This committee reviews the educational needs of the Local and establishes workshops throughout the year.

Health Care
Executive Liaison
Members: Dawn McChrystal (Secord Trails Care Community)

IPS Council
Executive Liaison
Members: Bill Perry (Autrans) - Branden Brouwer (Nifast)

Local Elections
Executive Liaison
Members: Angela Kuhlman (Autrans) - Lisa Dunn (Secord Trails Care Community) - Erin McDonald (Securitas)
Contact the committee:
The Elections committee shall draft rules and regulations for the conducting of elections which shall not be inconsistent with these by-laws or the National Constitution and which must have the prior approval of the General membership before they are put into practice.

Organizing Committee
Executive Liaison
Members: Bill Perry (Autrans) - Eric Vyse (Domclean) - Laura Romanick (Securitas)

Executive Liaison
Members: Peggy Robertson (Autrans) Wade Saunders (Autrans)
Contact the committee:
This committee may set up events for members and/or families in various activities. i.e. picnics, BBQs, tennis, golf or baseball tournaments. They can also support community events.

Jerry Sollazzo - Chairperson
Members: Jerry Sollazzo

Laura Romanick - Chairperson
Members: Laura Romanick (Securitas) - Dawn McChrystal (Secord Trails Care Community) - Chantele Villemaire (Autrans) - Angela Kuhlman (Autrans) - Peggy Robertson (Autrans) - Sue Ferraccioli (Robinson Solutions)
Contact the committee:
This committee is responsible for all matters concerning women and equal rights issues, and encourages all members in our union to play an active role.

Executive Liason
Members: Bill Perry (Autrans) Contact Info - unifor@autranscanada.com
Contact the committee:
This committee gathers information, i.e. posters, newsletters and videos to educate members of the local, and help set up programs which could reduce or eliminate hazardous conditions in our workplaces.

Young Workers
Executive Liaison
Members: Chantele Villemaire (Autrans) - Brandon Brouwer (Nifast)
Contact the committee:
The Young Workers Committee is to give a voice to our important young workers. Through meaningful education, fostering of activism and engagement in partnership of equals, we will build confidence, solidarity, and nurture our leaders of tomorrow.

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