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  Local 2107 would like to stand beside you during your fights with management and labour disputes. We invite you be to in "OUR" Union!!

Donations Commitee
Jeanne Doiron , Commitee chair person.
Members: Jeanne Doiron can be reached at : jdoiron@bcu.ca Patsy Nugent can be reached at: pnugent@bcu.ca
Contact the committee:
This commitee evaluates all request that come in for donations and make the decisions on which donations we support and how much we are offering.

Education Committee
Gail Fraser , Angus MacGillivray, Jeanne Doiron, Patsy Nugent
Members: Gail Fraser (STFX) Angus MacGillivrat (R.K MacDonald) Jeanne Doiron ( Bergengren) Patsy Nugent ( Bergengren )
Contact the committee:
Please contact either:
Gail Fraser (902) 971-0429
Angus MacGillivray 867-7509
Jeanne Doiron: jdoiron@bcu.ca
Patsy Nugent : pnugent@bcu.ca

Greviance Commitee
Commitee Chair person Jennifer Benoit,
Members: Jennifer Benoit : jenniferbenoit@ns.sympatico.ca , 870-7665 Angus MacGillivray : 867-7509 Alice Randall:almara73@live.com Myra MacKenzie :myra_deyoung@hotmail.com Gail Fraser :gailbowles@msn.com, 902-971-0429 Alternates are: Jeanne Doiron: jdoiron@bcu.ca Terry MacDonald:terrymacdonald4@hotmail.com Donna mcInnis :donnamcinnis1@hotmail.com
Contact the committee:
The greivance commitee makes decisions about local greivances that are at or going past third step.

Orgainizing Committee
Angus MacGillivray (Local 2107 President)
Members: Angus MacGillivray: RK MacDonald House Jennifer Beniot : RK MacDonald House Alice Randal SODEXO
Contact the committee:
Please contact:
Angus MacGillivray (902) 867-7509
Jennifer Beniot (902) 870-7665
Alice Randall


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