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CAW Marine Workers Federation Local 20 representing approximately 550 members at both facitilies in Marystown and Cow Head.

CAW/MWF Concerned Over Future of Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador Shipyard

CAW/Marine Workers Federation Local 20 is expressing frustration and concern over future operations at the Kiewit facilities in the Marystown Shipyard.

Wayne Butler, President of Local 20, has indicated that all unionized workers at the facilities have been given lay-off notices, and there are no indications that the company is pursuing future work prospects.

"There was bitter disappointment and concern when Kiewit walked away from the federal government procurement contract, which potentially could have provided a $35 billion contract and more than three decades of work to the successful bidder," Butler said.

"It looks now, like they may be preparing to walk away from a potential ten-year provincial ferry replacement program for Newfoundland and Labrador."

"The company has also requested that the union re-open the collective agreement two years into a three-year deal," Butler added. "With the lack of work in the facilities and on the order books, discussions of this kind are very difficult."

The CAW/MWF is in the process of setting up meetings with community leaders on the Burin Peninsula as well as the Premier of Newfoundland and MHAs to discuss the seriousness of this situation and what it means to the economic base of the region and the entire province.

Please show your support!

Local 20 is starting a campaign that aims to ensure the proper investments are made in the Marystown Shipyard - to keep the yard operating - and workers working - for the long term.

To assist in this first phase of our campaign effort, the Local is asking all concerned citizens of the province (especially those in the Burin Peninsula) to please phone, write or email their local, provinical and federal politicians.

Tell them that that you're concerned about the future of the shipyard and find out how they're going to help.

Please check back to this page frequently for ongoing updates and further information.

Additional background

History of Shipbuilding in Marystown Newfoundland.

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Last Updated: July 1, 2011 11:17:47 PM