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Welcome to CAW Local 1967
CAW Local 1967 represented the workers at Boeing Toronto Ltd and the TransAlta Energy Corp. On 7-15-05 Boeing closed their Toronto facility. The TransAlta Unit transferred to Local 1285 and Local 1967 is no more. CAW Local 1967
CAW Local 1967
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Ever since the Boeing Toronto Ltd. closed its doors for good in the summer of 2005, the former employees have stayed in touch. Of course we all have friends that we see monthly, weekly, even daily. Some have moved on to work together at new job sites. Some move in the same social, community, religious, etc., circles or groups. Many stay in touch over the internet, exchanging emails, jokes, videos and the like.

It all proves one thing. Work is about so much more than a pay check. Earning money is the driving force that takes us all to the same place every week day and some weekends. It is the focus, but the friendships we make, are what really bind us all together. The people that were your friends and the stories you lived are what survives, even after the work is gone.

And the people of Boeing Toronto take this to a new level. On the first Saturday of June and December, every year, many of us gather together at the Econolodge on Airport Road, to renew acquaintances, exchange information, tell old stories and relate new ones. It is not some formal gathering. It doesnít cost anything. There are no rules. There are no boundaries of union, non-union or management, retired or still working. Just a simple common interest; seeing old friends and workmates!

The Pearson Pub at the Econolodge opens up early for us at 1:00 on these Saturdays and we mostly have the place to ourselves for the day. There have been anywhere from 40 to 100+ show up at each event. One thing is for sure, at each and every one of these Saturday get togethers, we are surprised by somebody who turns up out of nowhere!

I send out reminders to our emailing list every six months, but you donít need an invitation. Mark these dates on your calendar every year. It is simple. The first Saturday in June and December, from 1:00PM to 6:00PM at the Pearson Pub, 6355 Airport Road in Malton/Mississauga, 3 minutes south of where the plant used to be. Just drop in for 15 minutes, or the whole afternoon. If you canít make it one month, donít worry. Weíll be back again in six months!

The Next Gathering Is June 6, 2009

Best regards,
Dan McNeil

Last Updated: March 22, 2009 11:43:16 AM