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  Oct 23rd, 2008

50/50 Draw

I would like to congratulate the winners of our united way 50/50 draw;

50/50 ($149) – Steve Camara
Hat/T-shirt/ Mug – Daphne Blain
Shirt – Kelly Stevenson

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets this year to help support United Way.
Total money raised - $298

Oct 16th, 2008

F.Y.I. Breaks

The issue of breaks has come up in one of our units, and I would just like to clarify for our members what their entitlements are. Breaks are defined as time off the job, not time spent in the cafeteria or outside. For example, if your contract allows you a ten minute break, then you are entitled to ten minutes off of your job. You must be back on your job ten minutes after you left. That being said, if an emergency arises, the company does have the right to pull you off your break to deal with the situation, but only if it is an emergency, and the company must allow you reasonable time to complete your break after the situation has been taken care of. Now if you are taking your break and there is two minutes left, and you can make it back to your job in 30 seconds and there is no emergency, then there is no reason for the company to force you back early. The company cannot write you up for taking your ten minute entitlement, and if they do, so long as you were back on your job ten minutes after you left, then it is an easy grievance to win. But please be careful. Most of the companies in this local won’t hold you to the exact second for your entitlement, but some will, and they will be sure to write you up if you are even a second or two late. My suggestion to the members in this situation, who are trying to take full advantage of your ten minute entitlement… time yourself! If your watch has a stop watch on it, start it as you leave your job, so you know exactly how long you’ve been gone. I really advise members not to rely on the company clocks, as there is no assurance that the clock in the cafeteria is on time with the clocks on the plant floor. The discrepancy in these clocks can put an employee in the situation of taking a long break without intending to do so. It is truly unfortunate that we have to resort to this, but it is what it is. I think perhaps in the next round of bargaining, extending break times may become a priority.

In Solidarity,
Jeff Powell
CAW Local 1769


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