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  The following is a listing of your elected Committeepeople and Department Representatives.

Title: DCCB - East
Name: Denise Zelle
Phone: 519.973.2582
E-mail: denise.zelle@fcagroup.com

Title: DCCB - West
Name: Jennifer Kreibich
Phone: 519.973.3527
E-mail: jennifer.kreibich@fcagroup.com

Title: Windsor Assembly O&C
Name: Greg Farrah
Phone: 519.973.2632
E-mail: gregory.farrah@fcagroup.com

Title: Windsor Assembly Engineering
Name: Sim Toor
Phone: 519.973.2736
E-mail: simranpal.toor@fcagroup.com

Title: Afternoon Shift - All Locations
Name: Simina Fillion
Phone: 519.973.2497
E-mail: simina.fillion@fcagroup.com

Title: Midnight Shift - All Locations
Name: Joyce Sherman
Phone: 519.973.2772
E-mail: joyce.sherman@fcagroup.com

Title: Health & Safety
Name: Dawn Bezaire
Phone: 519.973.2627
E-mail: dawn.bezaire@fcagroup.com

Title: Benefits
Name: Alison St. Pierre
Phone: 519.973.2496
E-mail: alison.stpierre@fcagroup.com

Title: Employment Equity
Name: Natasha Davis
Phone: 519.973.2399
E-mail: natasha.davis@fcagroup.com


Last Updated: September 7, 2018 10:57:43 AM