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  The Budd Plant (now Martinrea Kitchener Frame Ltd.) will officially close as of April 23rd, 2009. We are yet another victim of the flawed economic policies of a succession of Canadian governments that have supported various free? trade initiatives for the past twenty years. It has been said that free trade is not fair trade. We now know that to be true. Our country has lost 350,000 manufacturing jobs over the past few years and the bloodletting continues.

In North America we are coming to a point where we will soon produce nothing. Everything we buy at Walmart, Canadian Tire, Future Shop or any other retailer will be made offshore. Our only exports soon will be our resources, much of which is non-renewable. Why would they need Canadians and Americans to produce goods when they can be made in China, Indonesia or Mexico where there is no Workers' Compensation to pay, no EI to pay and no Health & Safety laws to observe?

Certainly, those workers deserve to have jobs, provide for their families and aspire to a better life, but at what cost. What happens to those workers' families if they are killed or severely injured on the job?

Think about these things when you pick up items at the store made by workers in many other countries.

...And in the meantime, think about the millions of workers in North America who will be unable to provide for their families as workplaces continue to close down at an alarming pace.

Good Luck to all who still have jobs. We hope you don't soon have to join us on the unemployment lines!

Last Updated: March 6, 2009 12:14:07 PM