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Former Canadian Fabricated Products Workers Launch Health Investigation
October 17, 2008 - 4:40pm EST
Retired CAW Local 1325 members who worked at the Canadian Fabricated Products (Johnson Controls) auto parts manufacturing facility in Stratford, Ontario are launching an investigation to determine whether the deaths of former co-workers are a result of exposures to hazardous workplace substances and other cancer-causing agents.

The Johnson Controls facility in Stratford, formerly owned by Canadian Fabrication Products, had manufactured automobile seat covers and carpets for Chrysler and other auto manufacturers. The plant had closed in December 2001 after the company transferred production work to a facility in Mexico, eliminating 550 jobs.

The retired workers, who set up a voluntary committee to investigate this issue, are concerned that workers may have been exposed to a number of known carcinogens found in chemicals and or materials. Additionally, it is believed that industrial sewing machines used in the plant had emitted electromagnetic fields which can potentially cause brain and breast cancer.

The workers' investigation is in conjunction with the Hamilton Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers (OHCOW). The OHCOW will hold intake clinic in Stratford to gather information from former workers and the famillies of deceased workers.

Based on the results of these investigations OCHOW will report their findings as to whether it can be established that any of the illnesses or deaths are work-related. OHCOW will also work with the Office of the Worker Advisor (OWA) to file workers' compensation claims with the Workers Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario - provided that the claim is warranted and providing that worker (or the family of the worker) concerned consents to it. The Office of the Worker Adviser will be available to provide representation to those clims.

Details of the Hamilton OHCOW intake clinics will be made available shortly. Please visit: www.cawlocal.ca/1325retirees for more information.
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Last Updated: October 31, 2008 2:08:03 PM