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Public Meeting Report Back (November 12)

Approximately 120 retirees, former employees and family members of Canadian Fabricated Products/Johnson Controls attended a public meeting on Saturday November 12, 2011 at the Royal Canadian Legion in Stratford.

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on the investigations that have taken place since a public meeting that was held in January 2009

As of yet, the investigations have not established clear cut evidence of a relationship between workplace exposures and the various diseases and illnesses that former employees are experiencing, this could change if more workers report illnesses that can be associated with work at their former CanFab Workplace. In the meantime, there remains concern about the possible relation of workplace exposures to illnesses such as breast cancer and benign brain tumours.

Workers who have concerns about illnesses they believe may have been caused by their work at the former CanFab are encouraged to come forward by contacting the Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers (Hamilton Clinic) OHCOW.

OHCOW Hamilton will continue to monitor the developments if, and when, more former employees report illnesses. The Office of the Worker Adviser (OWA) remains available to advise anyone who has a claim.

More details from the meeting will be posted on this website shortly, please check back soon


The CAW national union was contacted by retirees of Local 1325 who had worked for Canadian Fabricated Products (Johnson Controls) in Stratford, Ontario. These members were concerned about a number of fellow brothers and sisters who had recently died from different cancers all of who worked in the Canadian Fabricated Products (Johnson Controls) facility prior to it's closing in 2001.

These retirees have formed a voluntary committee and have met with the Hamilton Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), along with CAW national office reprsentatives. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss how to investigate whether these deaths were work related.

The committee has initiated this website to keep former CAW members employed at Canadian Fabricated Products (Johnson Controls) in Stratford informed of new developments.

Last Updated: November 14, 2011 1:30:36 PM