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CAW Local 1120 consists of 10 Bargaining Units located across the Algoma District. Each Unit has its own Unit Chairperson and Stewards, elected by the members they serve.

Brinks Canada Ltd.
Unit Chairperson
Morris Khull
Tel: 705.949.6652
Email: annaanna788@msn.com
This unit has 10 members.

Unit Chair
Rick Venables
Tel: 705.254.7967
Email: venablesr@sah.on.ca

Extendicare Tendercare Nursing Home
Unit Chairperson
Karen Buker
Tel: 705.256.1400
Email: kjbuker@bell.net
This is a long term care facility with 117 members.

Extendicare Van Daele Nursing Home
Unit Chairperson
Kelly Janes
Tel: 705.946.3095
Email: kannj@hotmail.com
This is a Long Term Care facility with 137 members.

Hillside Park Retirement Home
Unit Chair
Carol Pollock
Tel: 705.461.9547
Email: pollocks@vianet.ca
This unit has 18 members,

Lady Dunn Health Centre
Unit Chairperson
Terrie Sanderson
Tel: 705.856.2698
Email: terrie24@sympatico.ca
This Unit has 43 members,

Sault Area Hospital Office & Clerical
Unit Chairperson
Claire Grisdale
Tel: 705.942.4843
Email: grisdalec@sah.on.ca
The Office & Clerical Unit has 235 members

Sault Area Hospital Service Group A
Unit Chairperson
Cindy Pearse
Tel: 705.256.5809
Email: cindypearse@shaw.ca

Sault Area Hospital Service Group B
Unit Chairperson
Tod Harriman
Tel: 705.941.9983
Email: todharriman@gmail.com

Sault Ste. Marie EMS Paramedic Unit
Unit Chairperson
Steve Olsen
Tel: 705.541.8710
Email: steveolsen@shaw.ca
This Unit has 38 members

St. Joseph's General Hospital O&T Oaks Centre
Unit Chairperson
Rodney Rouillard
Tel: 705.849.5255
Email: rrouillard@gmail.com
The Office & Technical/Oaks Centre Unit has approximately 65 members.

St. Joseph's General Hospital Service
Unit Chairperson
Johanne Blanchette
Tel: 705.848.3762
Email: jojobean1008@msn.com
This unit has approximately 138 members.

United Steelworker's Unit
Tina Palmer
Tel: 705.942.3900
Email: tpalmer@shaw.biz.ca
This Unit has 3 members

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